About Greta Yoga

Greta is a bright, free, and grounded student of life. She did her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, with MARIANNE WELLS YOGA SCHOOL and second 200-hours training in Nada yoga (Mantra, Kirtan, Sound, Bhakti) in India and one in Kauai with ANANDRA GEORGE.

She is now 400hrs RYT, with teaching experience for over 5 years and has been lucky enough to have the world as her studio as she has travelled as a freelance yoga teacher around the world exploring and teaching the yoga lifestyle in over 10 different countries, on both land and the water.

Her first yoga class was at age 13 and like many other people, her first class wasn’t fun… she was a very stiff tennis player. She suffered in class and could not understand why people went to yoga. But with time, especially after a bad vehicle accident, she realized the beauty of the therapy of yoga and that nothing is impossible with patience, practice, and mindfulness. She is very aware that we all are beginners at one point, we all have different bodies, and are in different life situations.

As a teacher she is honoured to meet you where you are and walk the path from there. She teaches with love in a safe, fun, and inspiring way. The asana practice is a moving meditation with the building of heat but equally relaxing to develop stillness and harmony in our mind, body, and spirit.

Greta primarily teaches from the traditions of Hatha, but also teaches Vinyasa, Bhakti, Yin yoga, Yoga massage, Kirtan, and Ashtanga. She believes that all these different styles is growing from the same seed, love and her service is to share love and be a support on peoples journeys towards a more conscious, alive and loving life. In the end, it is all yoga: a way to discover who we are, the purpose we have, and to see the light in all beings, to practice that on the mat so we can take it outside the mat with more ease. She has been influenced by Iyengar’s philosophy and therefore she finds it very important to personalize the asana practice to fit her students unique requirements. She aims to bring her student’s awareness back into their body in a manner that is safe, yet challenging to their body and mind.


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