Sacred Sound & Mantra

Sacred Sound & Mantra

Just because we can’t see things with our eyes doesn’t mean that they don’t exists. We cannot see that wind, but we can feel it. Really deep down, who are you? What we are carefully taught to ignore is that everyone of us deep inside is a function a manifestation of the whole blinking cosmos.

Sacred sound and mantra is helping us to rest/transform our busy mind or negative imprints as we put our intellect on pause. These sounds are coming from a place where the intellect is unaware, it can feel it but not explain it. Explanation needs causality. And these sound is far away from causal. These higher realities can penetrate a lower reality but the lower cannot penetrate the higher. The intellect can sometimes try to reject what happens because it cannot be explained and than we think its non existence. Using mantra and sound as a tool to remember our inner wisdom, allowing our intuition to be heard so that the teacher inside of us can guide us.

Nada Yoga – Union through sound. In the Vedic tradition, sound vibration is known as Nada. Its used in the practice to restore physical and mental well-being and also as a path to spiritual awakening. Nada Yoga divides sound into external sounds, Ahata (the struck) – is sound produce by physical contact. Listening to non-vocal music while gently focusing on the individual notes. (Clapping, Plucking a string, Birds, Rain, Mantras) and internal sounds, Anahata (the unstruck)  – The primordial sound vibration which requires no friction to be produced. Each human body has its own unique sound or vibration, which is sacred to that individual. Re-aligning with this sound serves to balance your energetic body and ultimately re-connect you with your divine presence though our subtle spiritual senses.

Mantra is a tool for connecting us with the spiritual wisdom and the energy of consciousness hidden in the universe a a whole. Mantra is a doorway yo an awareness that exists beyond all limited bits of information or technical knowledge.” – Dr. David Frawley


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