Greta is a bright, free, and grounded student of life. She did her first 200-hour yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, with Marianne Wells Yoga school and second 200-hours training in Nada yoga (Mantra, Kirtan, Sound, Bhakti) in India and one in Kauai with Anandra George.

She is now 400hrs RYT, with teaching experience for over 5 years and has been lucky enough to have the world as her studio as she has travelled as a freelance yoga teacher around the world exploring and teaching the yoga lifestyle in over 10 different countries, on both land and the water.

Her first yoga class was at age 13 and like many other people, her first class wasn’t fun… she was a very stiff tennis player. She suffered in class and could not understand why people went to yoga. But with time, especially after a bad vehicle accident, she realized the beauty of the therapy of yoga and that nothing is impossible with patience, practice, and mindfulness. She is very aware that we all are beginners at one point, we all have different bodies, and are in different life situations.

As a teacher she is honoured to meet you where you are and walk the path from there. She teaches with love in a safe, fun, and inspiring way. The asana practice is a moving meditation with the building of heat but equally relaxing to develop stillness and harmony in our mind, body, and spirit.

Greta primarily teaches from the traditions of Hatha, but also teaches Vinyasa, Bhakti, Yin yoga, Yoga massage, Kirtan, and Ashtanga. She believes that all these different styles is growing from the same seed, love and  her service is to share love and be a support on peoples journeys towards a more conscious, alive and loving life. In the end, it is all yoga: a way to discover who we are, the purpose we have, and to see the light in all beings, to practice that on the mat so we can take it outside the mat with more ease. She has been influenced by Iyengar’s philosophy and therefore she finds it very important to personalize the asana practice to fit her students unique requirements. She aims to bring her student’s awareness back into their body in a manner that is safe, yet challenging to their body and mind.



“Yoga is a way of living,  for each and one of us. Its in the way you breathe, the way you see, feel, smell, and listen. Its about learning to become more aware of yourself, being able to explore and put yourself into your practice, both on and off the mat. “

Hatha Yoga

Means the willful, and refers to the Sun (Ha) and the Moon (Tha) in Sanskrit. This practice is the foundation of all modern yoga and it’s the practice of balance, uniting, and embracing opposites. Hatha Yoga brings focus to the posture and the breath and is accessible to all and will have a strong focus on alignment in class to develop your awareness of yourself. We look for harmony and surrender in each pose as we progress our strength and flexibility, even that sometimes means holding the postures longer than in a Vinyasa class.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Sanskrit, it means “to move with intention”. This is a “flowing” style of yoga. A modern and more variable interpretation of Hatha Yoga where we flow from one posture into the other through inhalations and exhalations. We explore the different parts of the self in a fun way with music. Just because we are moving in flow doesn’t mean it has to be fast paced (which is the usual perception), it is a moving meditation and we move with our full breaths.


Yin Restorative Massage yoga

Yes, that’s right, all the yumminess in one class. This is a very mellow, slow paced, loving, and mindful practice. Our focus is to really move within and find stillness. The asanas are held for a longer time (3-5 minutes) where we use different props for support like straps, blankets, and bolsters to help us relax easier into the pose. The poses moderate stress to the connective tissues – the fascia, tendons, and ligaments with the purpose of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. There is a lot of hands-on while in the pose, and there is going to be massage because its absolutely wonderful and it’s a great tool to mindfully find a comfortable but deeper way into the pose with the breath. Touch is very important to feel connection to others, to make us feel secure, and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that a regular touch lowers your blood pressure and increases a sens of “feeling loved”. In this crowded society we sometimes forget or become afraid of touch. Come here to face that fear or just simply enjoy receiving gentle hands-on “adjustments”.

Shakti Flow

Awaken our Shakti with dynamic movements, connecting with our breath in a powerful, creative and uplifting way. A flow that encourage us to explore and get to know parts of our body and ourselves that we easily hide, feel shamed of or block out of fear. We practice to find our divine self within; using flowing motions to open up our heart, body, and mind to release tension, unnecessary imprints, or stuck patterns that are limiting our potential to stoke our inner fire, unfold our hearts and be our true self. This flow involves a lot of hips, belly, and heart expansion as we celebrate the sacred feminine life energy that is the source of all creation.


Tarantism – the uncontrollable urge to dance

Take a break from your busy mind, let go of being in control and welcome yourself into your magical body! Come explore the liveness within yourself and let the rhythm of your heart expand itself through free dance to fun and playful music. A moving meditation to release comparison, perfection and judgement for yourself and others. To ground, take flight, move and then land in stillness back in our bodies more alive.


SUP yoga

Its always good to mix things up… If you’re looking for something fun or a new challenge, let your mat become a paddle board. When doing yoga on a board, it becomes more unstable which means that you have to engage your core more for better balance. It is a very good workout for both body and attitude. Your technique will refine a lot because it’s on the water. If you have more weight on one side, your board will let you know. SUP yoga is therefore a great way for becoming more aware of your alignments.





The purpose of the Swedish massage technique is to get the entire body fully relaxed. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Swedish massage is also specially beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while getting rid of tension that doesn’t serve you.

Sound Chakra Therapy Massage

A relaxing massage with healing sound frequencies and chanting with tones that align, balance, and harmonize the body, emotions, mind, and sprit. Healing vibrations from Tibetan bowls, which will reposition the body´s cell into a state of peace as it changes the structure of matter. This type of massage releases a lot of emotions and clears out blockages in your physical and energetic body. Using special oils to align the charkas with touch, song, and sense.

Full body 60 min – 950kr (100 dollar)

Unwind Massage

Weight on your shoulders? Feeling stressed? Tension building? The unwind massage will target the pain and tightness of your muscles, while its still gentle enough to leave you feeling relaxed.

Back, neck and shoulders 30 minutes – 400 kr (45 dollar)
Full Body 60 minutes – 750kr  (80 dollar)

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on releasing chronic muscle tension deep in the muscle, fascia, and connective tissue. Deep tissue is very beneficial to get your body back in balance.

Back, neck and shoulders 30 minutes – 450 kr (50 dollar)
Full Body 60 minutes- 800 kr  (85 dollar)



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Sacred Sound & Mantra

Sacred Sound & Mantra

Just because we can’t see things with our eyes doesn’t mean that they don’t exists. We cannot see that wind, but we can feel it. Really deep down, who are you? What we are carefully taught to ignore is that everyone of us deep inside is a function a manifestation of the whole blinking cosmos.

Sacred sound and mantra is helping us to rest/transform our busy mind or negative imprints as we put our intellect on pause. These sounds are coming from a place where the intellect is unaware, it can feel it but not explain it. Explanation needs causality. And these sound is far away from causal. These higher realities can penetrate a lower reality but the lower cannot penetrate the higher. The intellect can sometimes try to reject what happens because it cannot be explained and than we think its non existence. Using mantra and sound as a tool to remember our inner wisdom, allowing our intuition to be heard so that the teacher inside of us can guide us.

Nada Yoga – Union through sound. In the Vedic tradition, sound vibration is known as Nada. Its used in the practice to restore physical and mental well-being and also as a path to spiritual awakening. Nada Yoga divides sound into external sounds, Ahata (the struck) – is sound produce by physical contact. Listening to non-vocal music while gently focusing on the individual notes. (Clapping, Plucking a string, Birds, Rain, Mantras) and internal sounds, Anahata (the unstruck)  – The primordial sound vibration which requires no friction to be produced. Each human body has its own unique sound or vibration, which is sacred to that individual. Re-aligning with this sound serves to balance your energetic body and ultimately re-connect you with your divine presence though our subtle spiritual senses.

Mantra is a tool for connecting us with the spiritual wisdom and the energy of consciousness hidden in the universe a a whole. Mantra is a doorway yo an awareness that exists beyond all limited bits of information or technical knowledge.” – Dr. David Frawley


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